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Dosimetry Service

PL Medical offers dosimeters which are based on state-of-the-art technology. PL Medical supplies accredited dosimetry services to industries in which radiation monitoring is desired or mandated by state and/or federal regulatory standards.

PL Medical is accredited to provide dosimetry services by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 200666-0), a division of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

  • – Reporting periods available: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly & Semi-Annual
  • – Badge Description: 4 element dosimeter
  • – Minimum Reportable Dose: 10 mrem (0.10mSv)
  • – Energies Measured: X-Ray, Beta, Gamma
  • – Lower Limit of Detection: 6mrem (0.06 mSv)
  • – Useful Dose Range (10mrem – 1,000 rad)
Minimal Reporting – Our TLD’s are accurate within +/- 1mrem. However, we generally do not report dose below 10 mrem due to the potential of false results at these very low levels of exposure and the 10mrem threshold is the level required to be reported by the regulations governing this industry.
Environmentally Stable – Our TLD’s are rugged and generally hold-up to most day-to-day activities. If however you experience an issue where the badge is damaged we will replace the badge for you at no additional cost.
Fade – Our TLD’s experience minimal, fully documented fade so we have the capability of longer wear periods.
Wide Dynamic Energy Range – You only require one dosimeter for a wide variety of energy ranges.
Dose Investigations – When processing your badges at our facility all information regarding the badge response is electronically captured and saved so we can re-examine your dose at any time. Any badge that has a reading of over 300mrem is automatically re-analyzed to ensure a correct reading
Control the Additional Fees Others Charge: No account maintenance or set-up fees
Flexibility of the Wear Period – We offer quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly and semi-annual exchanges. Pick a service that is right for your company. Additionally, you can start the service any time you wish, even in the middle of the month.
Reports – Reports are provided to the customer 1-2 weeks after receipt of the badge at our laboratory. If you wish to have your report provided earlier please contact us.
Pay only for the Service You Use: Prompt credit for termination of service of an employee. You do not need to continue paying for a badge you no longer require.
Single point detector with chain of custody serial number – Each TLD is individually bar-coded and tracked from our laboratory.
Each dose report is reviewed to check if it meets ALARA limits
Customer Care – you will always be in contact with a “live person”
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