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We offer a broad variety of ophthalmic knives to meet the unique needs of various procedures. These surgical knives such as disposable surgical knives, stainless steel surgical knives, circular surgical knives etc., are manufactured using high quality stainless steel and thus have consistent sharpness and perfect finish. Our disposable medical knives are engineered for smooth penetration and accurate incision width.

We offer MVR straight and angled medical knives designed for precise vasectomy incisions or ophthalmic incisions. These are both sterile or non sterile as these are manufactured using heavy duty carbon steel or stainless steel. We provide these knives individually wrapped in a V.C.I. paper. 10 pieces in a box and at very competitive -prices.

45240 – MVR Straight 19 G 1.1 mm
45230 – MVR Straight 20 G 0.9 mm
45231 – MVR Straight 24 G 0.6 mm
41940 – MVR Angled 19 G 1.1 mm
45222 – MVR Angled 20 G 0.9 mm
42440 – MVR Angled 24 G 0.6 mm
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