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Radiation Doses, Their Limits: Related Issues Of Public Perception – Analysis

Everyone knows that workers in the active areas of a nuclear power reactor may be exposed to radiation. A group of professionals called health physicists monitors and measures the radiation levels at the workplace. They estimate the radiation doses to members of the public at the fence post of the reactors. They provide special radiation measuring devices to individual workers and keep track of the radiation doses received. The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has prescribed dose limits to workers and members of the public. They follow mostly international norms. The operating management must ensure that these doses are as low as reasonably achievable and within the limits prescribed by the Board.

AERB publishes the relevant data on the radiation doses to workers and the members of the public in its Annual Reports. These doses are well within the limits prescribed by AERB.

Full story can be found on Eurasia Review.

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