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Fast Facts for the Front Line: Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection

Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) is one of the hottest topics in healthcare. What are the best prevention methods? How can we reduce associated costs? More and more products are being created to combat this seemingly undefeatable foe. Although the innovations are helpful in many settings, there are some basic interventions that have been proven effective as well.

Sometimes the simplest intervention is the most effective. Take a moment and mindfully reflect on your hand-hygiene practice. Do you routinely foam in when entering a patient room and foam out as you’re leaving? Do you perform hand hygiene prior to applying gloves when you’re getting ready to access a central line? It’s easy to rush past this imperative task. Increase mindfulness regarding your hand-hygiene habits and you can rest assured that you’re decreasing your patients’ risk for CLABSI.

Full story can be found on Oncology Nursing News.

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