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Dosimetry Service
Client Disclosure Statement for Dosimetry Customers
Control Badge Instructions
Credit Card Billing Authorization Form
Dosimeter Wear Instructions
Dosimetry Services Order Form
Dosimetry Services Welcome Letter
The Importance of Personnel Dosimetry for Litigation
Postage for Returned Shipments
Sample Dosage Report
Occupational Dose Limits for Personnel Monitoring

Surgical Blades
Cross-Reference Chart for Surgical Blades
Instructions for Attaching and Removing Surgical Blades

US Patents
US Patent US20040243161 Disposable Guarded Surgical Scalpel
US Patent US20060212057 Miniature Surgical Scalpel with Integral Protected Shield
US Patent US20060212058 Disposable Safety Surgical Blade
US Patent US20070255298 Disposable Safety Scalpel with Reusable Handle
US Patent US20080249550 Miniature Disposable Safety Scalpel
US Patent US20110306933 Safety Cannula with Automatic Retractable Needle

X-Ray Film
Blue X-Ray Film Information
Cross Reference Chart
Green X-Ray Film Information
Processing Overview
Using Duplicating Film

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